Behind everyone, there is a story.

Debbie Nix, Life Coach

Debbie Nix, Life Coach

Creating shelter for the body and for the soul has dominated more than a decade of Debbie Nix's life. At Sanctuary on the River, a center for inspired living, she has built an oasis of peace along the Rio Ruidoso. It is here that she provides support, training and tools to help people grow and expand in all areas of their lives.

Born in Lovington, New Mexico, this entrepreneur began her first business at the age of 18 with the Sugar Bowl Bakery, where she labored with love over wedding cakes. She eventually moved to Telluride where she was the guest services manager for the largest resort hotel in town. 

Upon returning to New Mexico, she worked in business development for Zia Natural Gas where she lobbied in Santa Fe not only for the natural gas industry but also for victims of domestic violence. The Nest, a domestic violence shelter in Ruidoso, is a symbol of Nix's commitment and dedication to a cause that is very near and dear to her.

In her 25 years in the "people" business, she has studied human nature and has discovered that "it is in us." Basically what that means is that for most people, the answers they are looking for, they already have. As a life coach, workshop leader and trained facilitator, she shares her techniques with her clients to help them lead a life full of satisfaction and passion.

When she is not working with her clients, she is a lifelong learner who feeds her soul by constantly expanding her horizons and making sure she is being true to herself.